Commercial Roof Repairs, Installation, and Services

Our reputation for delivering excellent, fast, and transparent services aligns perfectly with your commercial requirements. We offer a wide range of flexible roofing solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your building.


Commercial Roof Repair


Leverage Roofing offers expert commercial roof repair services tailored for businesses. Our team quickly fixes leaks, damage, and more, using top-quality materials with minimal disruption to your operations. We’re all about keeping your roof in top shape affordably and efficiently, ensuring your business stays covered and secure.

Commercial Roof Installation Services


If you need an entirely new commercial roof replacement, we simplify the process with quick, quality installations. Here at Leverage Roofing, we prioritize swift completion, minimizing disruptions to your business, and delivering a durable, cost-effective new roof. Trust us for a hassle-free upgrade.

Experience With All Materials and Commercial Roofing Systems


Leverage Roofing excels in handling various materials and roof types for your commercial property, including flat roofs, metal roofing, and single-ply membranes. Our roofing contractors are skilled in working with various substrate materials, ensuring each project, whether it involves an asphalt shingle or a metal roof, is completed in a timely manner.

Commercial Roof Maintenance & Inspections

Maintenance & Inspections

Proper maintenance and regular roof inspections are crucial for extending the lifespan of commercial roofing. Our preventive maintenance programs are designed to address the unique needs of each square foot, ensuring your commercial property remains in top condition. With thorough commercial roof inspections, we identify and rectify potential issues early, saving you time and money in the long run.

Upgrades & Roof Damage We Can Fix

We can fix any damage your commercial roofing needs may require. From repair work to a complete roof replacement, we have you covered 100%.

  • Water Damage
  • Roof Leaks
  • Structural Damage
  • Energy Efficiency

Leverage Roofing promptly addresses water damage in commercial settings, implementing solutions that protect your property and prevent future issues.

Our team expertly locates and repairs roof leaks in commercial roofs, ensuring your business stays dry and secure.

Leverage Roofing assesses and reinforces the integrity of your commercial roof for structural damage, safeguarding against further damage.

We enhance energy efficiency in commercial buildings by installing roofing systems that reduce energy costs and improve indoor comfort.

If you have any of these common issues, or others, don’t wait for the issue to escalate. Leverage Roofing offers free inspections to evaluate the extent of the damage accurately. We aim to provide you with an honest estimate and effective solutions tailored to your unique commercial roofing needs.

Why Building Owners Choose Leverage Roofing

Choosing Leverage Roofing means:

Business owners choose Leverage Roofing for our dedication to quality, speed, and customer satisfaction. Our tailored roofing solutions, designed to fit your business’s unique needs, not only improve functionality but also enhance your property’s value.


Does leverage work with commercial flat roofing?

Yes, no matter the material or roof shape, we will work closely with you to deliver a roof that fits every need of your commercial property.

Can insurance pay for my commercial roof services?

We work with your insurance company to get you as much coverage as possible. Read here to learn more about the process.

How do I get a free estimate?

Simply contact us and we’ll schedule a free inspection and accurate estimates.

Does Leverage provide commercial gutters and siding?

Yes, along with our roof repair, we also provide quality gutters and siding to our commercial clients.

How do you maintain a commercial roof?

Choosing a durable material is a great first step. After that, regular inspections and keeping the roof clean will help to extend the life of your roof.

Industries We Serve

We service many industries for commercial roof installation and repair.


Office Buildings




Shopping Centers





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